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Invest in Portimão Real Estate

Posted by on March 7, 2016
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The region of Algarve is famous for its beaches and for the hot weather practically all year. At summer you can find Portimão full of tourists from all around the world. The beach parties and the big shopping center “Aqua” are the big attractions.

In the historic center of the city you can visit two important churches, the Igreja do Colégio and the Igreja Matriz. The old sardines fabric is now the municipal museum, there you can learn more about the city. You can also visit the old process of sardines caught.

For the surfers this is a good place to practice all the year. Also, there are schools if you want to learn how to practice this sport. Portimão Marina has a private boatyard facility, available for your convenience. The boatyard offers the capacity to lift up boats of sizes up to 300 tons and also catamarans up to a width of 9 meters.

Transportation Facilities

The traffic is not a problem when you decide to drive your car in Portimão. Normally there are many parking places everywhere. The high season is in Summer (21st of June to the 21st of September), at this time you will see many tourists in the city.
Portimão has a bus network, called “Vai e Vem”. This is an easy way to go around the city very cheaply. Currently there are 18 routes (linhas) and the cost per journey is 1,50€ or you can buy a daily ticket for 3,00€

Living in Portimão

In the city you have the Atlantic ocean view, the most famous beaches are Praia da Rocha, Três Castelos, Vau, Alemão and the Alvor beach. You have the possibility to visit the beach all the year. Praia da Rocha and Alvor are the best touristic zones, there’s a big diversity of cafés, restaurants, bars and discos.

Also, there is Arade river waterfront area, named Zona Riberinha. This zone is very touristic and in summer you will get a lot of attractions there. You can also take a walk there or a bike ride with your family.

Compared to any country of Europe, with the euro coin, the prices at Portimão are a real bargain for foreigners. It’s possible to appreciate the flavorful of the traditional gastronomy, strongly influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine. Also, in Portimão you can find a variety of fresh fish, such as sardines, mackerel and tuna, or seafood such as clams, oysters, crayfish or prawns.

Best place to live in Portimão

You can choose where you prefer to live in Portimão. There is the front beach zone, the front river, the rural zone, the metropolitan area and the mountain front zone.

Ocean front Area

Listening the waves of the ocean and appreciate the view, this are two positive points for living near the beach. In this zone you can find many taller apartments, for various prices. It’s really hard to buy a house in this area, because there are many buildings everywhere. At summer, the noise and the traffic could be a problem.

Metropolitan Area

In the center of the city you can find many shops, cafés and restaurants. There are many old apartments. The public spaces are remodel. At day the noise can be a problem, some streets are impenetrable by cars and parking is not free.


When you enter in Alvor you do not feel like you are in Portugal anymore, this freguesia has a big community of foreigners living there. You can find typical Irish pubs with live music shows. There you have the view for the river and for the ocean.
It’s a very touristic zone, for that reason the prices could be more expensive, when compared with the rest of the city. If you want to live in a house located at the center of Alvor, it’s a good deal buying an old house and renew it. Otherwise, in the rest of Alvor you can find new apartments for a good price.

Mexilhoeira Grande (rural area)

In this area you can enjoy the nature. Only 11,3 kilometers far away from Portimão, this zone has the best view for the ocean and the mountain. There you can easily find a villa, with a backyard and pool. The population is old aged, this is not a zone with bars or discos. There is only cafés, restaurants and mini markets.
This area is destination for the people who want to stay faraway from the confusion of the city.

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